The Idyllic product is a revolutionary new mobile identity verification platform. It allows enterprises to verify user identities using custom combinations of powerful techniques from leading vendors, with little to no integration or mobile development. Consumers have a fast, easy and convenient experience. The software is complete and hosted on our cloud infrastructure, and the app can be found in the app stores.


The key benefits of our novel design (two granted patents) are:

  • Comprehensive.  Orchestration, proofing, authentication, federation and aggregation of risk/fraud (meta)data.

  • User centric.  User data has to give permission for any transfer of attributes. 

  • Multi Model Federation.  Support multiple federation models.

  • Catastrophic Risk Prevention. User data not stored by Idyllic. No centralized data store. Only store metadata.

  • Web only and Web/Mobile hybrid support.  Our “virtual app” solution supports these important use cases

  • In-person support.  Support for in-person use case (physically present or call center call in)

  • No enterprise brand disintermediation.  User performs all functions under enterprise brand/account.

  • Designed for efficiency and scalability.  Light weight standard crypto.

  • Standards Based.  Built around OIDC.

  • Extensible.  Identity centric “apps” can be added on top of platform. We have already added eSign and Transact.

The product is built and run by Identity.Ninja Inc. a Delaware C Corp. Please contact Ravi Ganesan if you desire more information.