SafeMashups Inc., is an IP holding company with five granted and two pending patents, including the seminal patents on triple blinding for identity federations. The granted and pending patents cover the following areas:

  • TLS-OTT (Over The Top). Reuse TLS crypto and trust infrastructure at application level. (formerly called MashSSL) 

  • Hyde-It. Using TLS-OTT, allow application level data to be encrypted with decryption capabilities only available to authorized users/groups.

  • Triple Blinding Identity Federations. Using TLS or TLS-OTT allow legitimate federation switches to operate while remaining blinded.

  • Middlebox. TLS is moving in a direction that makes inspection of enterprise traffic at entry/egress impossible. SafeMashups has invented two solutions to this problem.

If you are interested in the purchase or license of some or all of these patents, please contact Ravi Ganesan.